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Where We Are: Perspective In the Process

Since March 2nd, but even more profoundly since Friday, March 4th, I have received a plethora of intuitive information about the transitioning of our world. I have felt overwhelmed about how I would convey so much information in a reasonable amount of time. My solution was not to keep notes or create an outline to follow, but to allow the information to flow naturally. This assures that only what needs to be said, in this moment is stated.

This video discusses in greater detail the Zeta Reticuli, their perceived role in our reality and their known universe, the role of specific components in the military during revelation and transcendence as well as the reawakening of Mother Earth and Father Sun.


Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia

Inner Evolution with Bruce Lipton

Scruffy late chat – Pam and Bracha Goldsmith

Pam Gregory

Bracha Goldsmith

#DivineIridescence #ObedientOnlyToUnity

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