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Please help me to find my way out of the darkness

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I am everything everywhere and nowhere. I permeate all things. Unified always, never apart.

Please help me to find my way out of the darkness.  Please help me to find clarity and perspective.  Please help me to release the anger, resentment, bitterness and sadness related to many betrayals and lies experienced in this lifetime.  Help me to forgive myself for the way I responded to these experiences, my combative and argumentative nature, my resentment and my desire to fire back, fight back constantly, without any consideration for the consequences of those decisions.  Forgive me for the desire to release those emotions of anger resentment, bitterness and sadness in ways that I now know were not a means of self advocacy, but in truth, detrimental to humanity and the collective consciousness.  Now that I know my contribution to the current state of our collective consciousness, please help me to find my way back to the light.  Help me to release the feelings of fear, insecurity, anger, resentment, sadness, betrayal and the lack of self worth.  Please help me to forgive myself for my poor choices, mistakes or harm that has befallen anyone due to my actions or words.  Please help me to fortify myself in the light, help me to be a paladin of love and light, help me to demonstrate in my daily living how our past truly does not define us.  Help me to show how it is now, each moment in the present that projects who we are, how every second of our life gives us the opportunity to change and be better than we were in the previous moment.  Please help me to clear, center, and balance my energy and maintain that balance.  Please help me to drive forward every day from a place of love and light.  Please help me to shine my light at its most brilliance.  Please help me to complete my divine mission and effectively demonstrate the gift of love and light.

I am everything everywhere and nowhere.  I permeate all things.  Unified always, never apart.

I bring love and light to a world of discord.


Your Heart is the Pearl I Seek

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