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Light Beings explained…

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What does it mean to exist as pure energy?


I have been speaking of “Light Beings” in several videos I created on YouTube.  I was looking for links to articles explaining what light beings were but couldn’t find any that I felt were sufficient.  Our physical selves influenced by our perceptions and the paradigms we live in tend to project themselves into our ideology.  In these articles I have read that they, light beings, are 5th dimensional beings or higher that they are “tall.”  There are attempts to define light being by differentiating between a “low density” frequency and a “high density” frequency; low density would be considered something less evolved, high density implying greater evolution.  These ideas are misleading.  All energy has consciousness and therefore creates the universe we know, not just the “sentient beings” on any planet.  That is the first thing you should consider, ruminate over.  Next, a light being is an energy existing in the universe that has ascended.  This energy no longer lives in a physical body, it exists as that, pure energy.  As pure energy, it does not have to address the issues of living in physical form on the material plane, thus does not have to deal with the struggle or toggle between the the drive of the higher-self and the pull of the biology of the physical body.

Transcendence vs. Ascension

Transcendence, the mind, the consciousness transcends and opens up to a greater understanding of the self and the world in which it lives.  In time, this consciousness will ascend and leave the physical plane and exist as a light being.  This is part of the experience of this world.  Just as the experiences of a child are profound and meaningful for the adult it will become, the experiences of the physical self are profound and meaningful for the light beings we will eventually transition into.  No experiences are of greater or lesser value, all are important and necessary.

There are many connotations that can derived from this information, this truth, but part of your path is to discern the meaning for yourself.  Consider what you have read, do more research and determine what light being means to you.

All Energy Has Consciousness, Without Exception

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    1. Yes, the knowing can create such a feeling of alienation and loneliness. This makes our connection to one another so profound, meaningful and necessary. Thank you for your comment.

  1. I spent three years in a channeling group when I was sixteen, now at 43 I want to reconnect with the beings of light who changed my life forever, i would love to be able to share my experiences with others who went through this in 1996 to 2000. Im from Melbourne Australia.

    1. As a starting place, I would suggest Connecting Consciousness.
      This page is expanding exponentially. Even though they don’t list an Australian group, I’m sure one exists. I would join on this main page, they will send you an invite. The do meetings on zoom. I participate in a group in the USA and facilitate a “breakout room” on transcendence. I would suggest it as a starting place. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you visiting my page and taking the time to contact me.

  2. I recently decided to paint again for the first time in 25 years. I was told I needed to paint what I could see from inside me. I was given the ‘Outer Worlds’. My first visualisation, my first painting… I had no idea it was going to be of a light being (of pure love). I instantly knew this when saw the image in my mind, I must paint it. Amazing experience and I’m absolutely astounded at the results! One of the was challenging things I have done. Xxx

    1. What a great way to express yourself and the visions or experiences you have through your lens. My daughter also enjoys expressing herself through art, she draws. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I was googling about light beings and came across this page because I remembered a meditation I had and I was shown a vision of light beings stood in a circle and I was in it. I was puny, they were towering and tall beings, but I did not feel small or intimidated, in fact it was the opposite. I felt warmth and unconditional love. One of the light beings put its hand behind my back and gently pulled me into the circle as if welcoming me. It said some comforting words that I needed at the time, in summary was that everything about me matters, my thoughts, emotions, opinions, and that we were a team. I wept deeply as I realised how much I longed to feel a sense of belonging throughout my life. It was a beautiful and insightful meditation 🙂

    1. Wow! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing! It’s always about perspective. Maybe the size of the light beings made you feel safe as they supported, inspired and guided you to an elevated state of consciousness. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience. ❤️🙏🏼

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