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Magnetize Yourself From Love As We End A Cycle and Begin Anew (01/07/2023)

I’ve felt so much weight these past couple months, but especially this past week. The weight is clear to me as I recorded and edited this video. Something big is coming. How each individual experiences that thing will be different and rooted in their perspective of the world and their life. The range of experiences with vary beginning with a very positive experience, moving through the complete range of experiences to a very negative experience. Knowing this creates a profound weight, mind, body and spirit. This cycle is completing, this experience will mark the ending of a cycle, but with every ending, there is a beginning and with every beginning there is Hope. Regardless of the experience, it draws us to a new Hope. Release all things that detract from this new Hope.

My father passed, transitioned, a couple weeks before his 96th birthday after living with dementia for 10 years. I was sad and somewhat broken by the loss, but filled with Hope, adoration and gratitude because he was released from the shell of his physical form, he could be his true Divine self without the restrictions of the physical form and I could know him in this new way. I often communicated with his higher self when he still existed from this material plane, but something changed after he transitioned that I cannot put into words.

Remember, as we go through this next phase of this transition there is Hope placed before us as we enter this new chapter in our existence. This transition is not meant as a means of punishment but is an opportunity for a shift in perspective, an opportunity to see ourselves and the world, the universe, we live in from a new perspective which is founded in unconditional love.

This video discusses perspective and the necessity of our journey to path and purpose. Our existence is rooted in this journey, it is this journey that returns us to Unity. Each journey of path and purpose is unique and necessary, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t support one another on our unique journeys. We do this best from a place of balance. Seek and find clear, centered, balanced energy, seek and find your path and purpose, walk it from a place of unconditional love, Unify your community, your world, the universe, become whole with The Source of All Creation, be a paladin of love and light.


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