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Using the clairs to translate a universal message to humanity

I was presented with 2 visions via clairvoyance. I use claircognizance and clairsentience to translate these visions. They are meant for the whole of humanity. Additionally, I received telepathic communications from Zayco and Beings of Love and Light from star nations within the summer triangle.



Initiation with Matias De Stefano via Gaia


Cosmic Disclosure: Season 8 with Sgt. Clifford Stone

Venus of Laussel and The Crescent Moon

Zayco – All energy has consciousness without exception

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  1. I felt this in my heart center very strongly. I know this is the time we have been waiting for so long. I have been very worried about Mother Earth for a long time, she has been very sad. I feel that what’s happening at this time is a big wakeup for everyone, so everything that you channeled in has definitely hit home. I channel in Sacred Geometry and the Symbols all have meanings. It felt good to see doing them as well. Thank you very much for sharing. Blessings to you.

    1. Yes, she is sad that we have come to this place, but she sees what will be, she foresees a future for which we all have waited. Thank you for your words. We will all be well.

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