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The Encoding of Karma in Our DNA (03/02/2024)

This video discusses how karma is encoded in our DNA. It discusses how balanced, unbalance or any variation of how the flow of energy exists within our energy field or vibration is encode into our DNA. This helps guide us…

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The Charge of the Goddess (02/24/2024)

At the root, each person’s experience is an experience of the Divine Consciousness. The Source of All Creation is shifting the direction in the flow of energy, we are shifting the direction in the flow of energy. This is a…

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What Do You Put Your Faith in? (02/19/2024)

We are in a profound phase of the creation process. Although we cannot presently perceive the changes occurring, visually, we can feel it when we tap into our emotional body. Change is everywhere and it is deep. With the profound…

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